Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Primary School Football Carnivals

Coerver Coaching are organising seven Primary School Zone Carnivals in term 2, 2009.

A lot of children get to play other sports for their school, but not football. The rebirth of Primary School football, thanks to Coerver, will allow many players to represent their school in the sport they play most.

Nice one Coerver.


Brendan said...

what is also growing is the amount of boys and girls playing futsal in regional comps for their primary schools - our local school had to hold recent futsal trials for an already expanded number of teams given the amount of students in the school who wanted to play.

but more outdoor programs would be great - clearly the numbers playing the game at primary school level has grown from a large base to an overwhelming base in recent years for both boys and increasingly girls.

Anonymous said...