Thursday, 7 May 2009

SBS: So United are boring?

Watching the self-appointed football elite on SBS define Barcelona as the only exciting team in the World is pathetic.

Now I hate Man United..coz they are rich and buy the best..and my brothers support them and well that's enough..but even I can see the beauty of Ronaldo, Rooney, Tevez and co as they excite across Europe with their brand of football.

Fozzie and Sir Les...Barcelona..we love em, but most of us can recognise that Ronaldo is on a par with the boy Messi if not better at the moment.

Barcelona the best in the world..maybe but you're drivel is almost making me wish United win just so I don't have to stomach your football snobbery...on second thoughts I could take my brothers phone call.

Come on Barca!

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astrojax said...

that chelsea are boring is also a myth. the wrong team won the tie, though the best player scored the winner - and always the winner of that semi was likely to win the big cup, so yup - go barca!

[sorry been away a while - was knocked off my bike by a car week before anzac day. ouch. still have some blurred (concussed) vision, can't see well...]