Wednesday, 10 June 2009

40,000 to cheer Socceroos tonight

40,000 people are expected to show there support for the triumphant Socceroos.

What does this say?

Bahrain can't pull much of a crowd, and the Socceroos should be playing the lower tier nations at smaller 50,000 capacity stadiums until the game grows futher in Australia.

England, Germany and some other countries would pull in more than 40,000 having qualified but the game is slightly bigger in those countries.

Still, 40,000 against any team is still huge for the Socceroos. There was time not so long ago where the average crowd was around 15,000, today we hover around the 50,000 mark.

FFA need to heed the message. China, Japan, Uruguay, Holland and the like will all pull in big crowds, betweeen 50,000 and 90,000, the others like Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and the so-called lesser football nations will be somewhere less than 50,000 and time to book stadiums accordingly.

Interestingly Canberra can pull in 20,000 v Kuwait with an A-League side, and yet Sydney can only pull in 40,000!

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Brendan said...

It is the coldest day of the year in sydney today so that won't help either with boosting the crowd tonight but FFA still would have pre-sold more tickets for tonight than if the game was played at the smaller SFS.

For one thing, the direct train express to Stadium Australia precinct included in game ticket price is a great way for fans from all over Sydney to get to the more centrally located Homebush stadium - harder for many to access the eastern suburbs located SFS.