Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Aussies: Pride of Asia.

Australia beat Japan 2-1 with Tim Cahill scoring two scruffy goals for a come from behind win.

Once again, despite playing ugly, Aussie spirit and the game goes for 90 minutes.

Lots of concerns, but we know we aren't the best looking team in the World. But we beat Japan and I for one loved it.

Although Japan are hardly World beaters. Worrying for them they weren't good enough to finish us off....will they ever be?

And having listened to Aussie media pundits talking up the J-League and Japanese games in the last couple of year...nice to see our Socceroos aren't no A-League squad.

Nicky Carle played and the nation relaxed. Out of position, but really Nicky has a lot to do to get on that plane, that said there were few in an attacking sense that caused much threat...but we won!

Nicky, Vinny Grella and Jason Culina all struggled to control and pass the ball and the Aussies produced a lack-lustre performance. And there was little pace outwide to threaten the Japanese.

Josh Kennedy on the field meant the ball was going to be pumped forward all night, and his inability to hold the ball hindered the team.

New boy Rhys Williams did well enough and at just 20 can only improve.

Shane Stefanutto offers little compared to Scott Chipperfield and even David Carney but an ageing Chippers may give Stefanutto a chance.

Jade North had a good game but he still seems off the pace to me. What has happened to our Jade. He seems to be lacking in real confidence and I'd love to see an Indigenous player on the plane.

So we learned the spirit is deep, Tim Cahill is not great to watch, except when he gets near the goal when he becomes an International Superstar. Thank God for Timmy.

Good job done, but we've a year to go, and we'll clearly need our stars and a large improvement from the second string.

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astrojax said...

didn't see the game, but heard snippets trying to stream it [that in itself was a trial! don't ask..] so heard the japanese goal and both of timmy's. was chuffed that one was the end of a nicky carle kick.

but yes, clearly we need our stars - a fit kewell, cahill, [goal-scoring] mcdonald (i rekkun his inclusion over kennedy will stop this awful and wasteful drop punt approach to the defence's clearances) and an inventive midfield with brescia, vinnie and nicky will be a formidable opponent. hope the defence can hold off real attacks...