Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Australia: Biggest game is on Sunday.

State of Origin tonight, Wallabies friendly against Barbarians (why have the moved this game to the SFS?) but the big one is the Socceroos away to Qatar on Sunday morning.

We need a point. We've thrashed Qatar three times already in this group and even without Brett Emerton we should be good enough once more.

I don't care how we play, I want the point.

Here's the team:

Mark Schwarzer
Luke Wilkshire, Lucas Neill, Chris Coyne Scott Chipperfield

Jason Culina, Vinny Grella Tim Cahill , Carl Valeri, Marco Bresciano

Harry Kewell.

Of course it's a 1-4-3-3 I read it in the manual but it will line-up 1-4-2-3-1

Unless cautious Pim thinks Qatar are really poor...and they are..then we might see Josh Kennedy alongside Harry.

That's it. Team picks itself apart from Valeri and Coyne it's the same team as 2006 World Cup.

We'll have a point or three and South Africa here we come....and the Wallabies and Origin boys can enjoy the journey of Australia's most supported team.


astrojax said...

i am hoping the big long streak of wonder that is josh gets a run. mebbe even scott mcdonal can get on the park at some stage and get his deserved first in his nation's colours... i predict qatar 0, australia 2...

Anonymous said...

"i don`t care how we play, i want the point".

i wonder if its only australia where we seem to have this debate about entertainment football and effective/ugly football.

i think this debate is all a bit crazy. maybe if we play well, we`ll increase our chances of getting a point or three?


Eamonn said...

Hi Clayton

Reckon all countries have this debate...after all it's the entertainment business..

having said that if England (when I lived there) won the debate was always edged with at least they won and they might be better next time....they usually weren't

I can remember Jimmy Hill and Trevor Brooking doing a number of Fozzies in the 80's almost crying about the state of the game at International level....

guess people just take it very seriously!

And yes we'd better win..we will Qatar are dire.

Anonymous said...

i think the words used in the debate can alter the meaning.

if we talk about entertaining football, then we aren{t talking about whether its "attacking" or "effective".

it makes it sound like entertaining football doesn{t contribute to winning, which i don{t agree with.

guess you have got harlem globetrotters style entertainment, but then you also have the "entertainment" that barcelona just did to man u. and the spanish league.