Monday, 8 June 2009

Carl Valeri: Bloody Hell!

The boy from Tuggeranong United is having the ride of his life.

Not only has he played in most of the World Cup Qualifiers as the Socceroos qualified for South good will it be to see a Canberran strutting the stage at the World Cup, ....but he's got one foot in the Serie A.

(Time for a Valeri statue at Canberra Stadium.)

Valeri who is Captain of Grosseto who are in Serie B in Italy are involved in the play-offs this week to reach the holy grail, Serie A.

And Valeri's team won 2-0 overnight in the first leg of the play-offs to reach the Serie A.

Carl is on the brink of Serie A and how good would that be for him and the Socceroos prior to the World Cup.

Go you Tuggies boy!..and lets not forget Valeri played for the Socceroos no questions ask when his clubside were involved in their biggest game of their history...few have mentioned this dilemma, and commitment of the modern footballer.

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Anonymous said...

The play offs is between 4 teams for the remaining 1 spot.
Grosseto still need to win this tie and then the play off final.

but good luck Valeri!