Sunday, 14 June 2009

FFA: No room for you Eamonn

FFA will launch our World Cup bid in Canberra today. You can see all the action on Fox and SBS live from 3pm

A great occasion no doubt, with the PM, star players and a staged launch. (Watch out for a Majura parent giving the "ethnic" speech well that's how it was described to me!)

Me? My application was rejected by the FFA.

2,000 downloads a week
A National Community Radio show that goes live across the country and is picked up at other times by at least 10 further stations.
And a blog to boot.
And I'm Canberra based.

"Only paid media Eamonn," said the FFA spokesman. "There's no room for you."

With invitations been given out and refused as late as last night, clearly there is plenty of room at the Inn....for some!

How many Community media would come or be in Canberra for this event? Zilch I suspect..and little old me got refused.

Must have upset the sensitive souls at the FFA, or maybe the pasting they are getting from the Telegraph is much more worthwhile.

Never mind I'll watch it on the telly.

Patronisingly the FFA added, "don't worry there will be plenty of media stuff given out so you can talk about it."



astrojax said...

to hold out the 'secret weapon' as the australian community, then refuse local community football (note 'football'!) media, seems to me somewhat disingenuous. rekkun you should pen a short note to mr lowy and mr buckley, asking what community support like you can do for the bid, recounting this tale...

exciting to think it is actually really happening , though... ; )

Anonymous said...

thats because your not 'real' media buddy...