Sunday, 14 June 2009

Canberra launch World Cup bid

And my local club leads the way...wel what did you expect?

Here's the site: World Cup Australia site.

And my local club, Majura Junior Football club played a big part. Well everyone always finds an angle don't they.

Irene Mantinaos gave an address at the launch. And she had less than 24 hours notice. Great job Irene

And in the TV Ad note Fmr Majura player Ben Watson..he's the boy that kicks the ball on to the PM's desk. You can see Ben in the Kanga Cup representing Majura Under 12's.

Here's the who's who of speakers:

Harry Williams (1974 FIFA World Cup Socceroo)
* Jared Lum (Australian U-17 football team, Qantas Joeys, and Australian Institute of Sport)
* Lucas Neill (Qantas Socceroos captain)
* Mark Schwarzer (Qantas Socceroos goalkeeper)
* Irene Mantinaos ('soccer mum' and football fan)
* Malcolm Turnbull MP (Leader of the Opposition)
* Frank Lowy AC (Chairman of FFA)
* Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

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astrojax said...

cool - watched the ad on the world game yesterday; will watch again many times i'm sure, but will watch for ben next time round... quite impressive really

and very very strangely, for an entirely justifiable reason, i was watching the old 'up there cazaly' afl ad on youtube yesterday! fascinating to compare how different codes 'sell' themselves, and from different eras, but there is in some ways a very distinct australian character to this bid.

i am still a little perplexed (perhaps exasperated?) at the constant refrain in pretty well all commentators on the matter that we are "competing with england [or insert 'eleven other bids']" - isn't it clearly the case that, should england's or other european bid get up then all other european bids are discounted for the next one; ie they shan't contemplate consecutive europe venues - so, we aren't going to 'compete' with europe bids, and effectively really have mexico, and japan (are the americans bidding?), or am i totally wrong?

thought turnbull's ebullience was heartening, from what i saw on twg, too! pity rudd is such a cardboard figure. i rekkun even howard would have been more lively and genuine...

come play! go us... ; )