Tuesday, 23 June 2009

More Aussie bullshit: This time in the SMH

Gotta to love the Aussie sports crowds singing in unison "bullshit." When I first heard it I laughed long and loud. It was so uniquely Australian.

And when I write my one-eyed football blog a few mates in time-honoured Aussie way say, "Eamonn, more bullshit," which is fair enough because it is!

But just because something is in the esteemed Sydney Morning Herald doesn't mean it isn't bullshit.

Rugby writer Spiros Zavos wrote this bullshit this morning talking about the British and Irish Lions Rugby team

On Saturday there were 20,000 of them, resplendent in red, the best supporters in world sport, packed into the ABSA Stadium in Durban to watch the absorbing first Test of the series against the Springboks.

Best supporters in World Sport. Fattest, oldest, richest and whitest, maybe, but best. Because you are rich enough to fly to South Africa and travel around for weeks this makes you the best does it?

You're dreaming Spiros and obviously desperate to talk up your code after the Wallabies dragged 20,000 to watch them on the weekend.

So who is the best fans in World Sport?

Well Celtic took 80,000 fans to Seville, no arrests and a heap of fun. Spiros how about that effort?

Many European football sides do travel in huge numbers and don't fight.
The Irish national team supporters have a great reputation as well. From the last World Cup the Argentineans, Croatians and many others travelled and partied in huge numbers.

I'm sure you have your own favourite...and I bet they aren't the British and Irish Lions Rugby team!


astrojax said...

while it was very unfortunately 'twixt seasons, i have been in the bombonera, in boca, and it was an absolutely fantastic fanaticism for their beloved boca juniors - and i was already a bit smitten and bought (in 02 mind) a riquelme shirt as he was, in my opinion, a superstar in a team that was horrendous in it's support.

i went to a game at sporting lisbon, and that was pretty pumped, too... i also remember standing as a nascent skinhead in my youth in the hardcore england fans at the world youth cup in sydney in the throes of the falklands conflict as england played argentina [not in any way 'good' supporters, in the spirit of your post, eamonn, but god it was intense!] in sydney

but i rekkun there must be hundreds of dozens of arena across the world with wondrous support - a 'favourite' will always be a biased "opinion"; but fun to speculate!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the English national team. Wherever in the world they play, the stadium will be decked out in St. George's flags and plenty of colour and singing. The days of harcore violence are long gone, which will disappoint a lot of those who hate England. But the Irish fans have nothing on the English. In fact I'd say the Dutch are the next best after the English.