Sunday, 7 June 2009

The rise and rise of football in Australia?

Well you'd have to think the interest in the game will continue to rise and unlike last time where we went in with some significant debt, you'd imagine with sponsor contracts already locked in and a long lead time, plus a couple of home humdinger friendlies the FFA could make a tidy sum.

And of course we must make the 2011 Asia Cup for the benefit of our 2014 players and there is a bit of work still to be done on that front.

And with the World Cup bid to be launched next Sunday the game should continue to develop for the forseeable future.

And here's hoping there is further, tangible benefits for our little people. ie Cheaper fees for one!

Entry to Asia has changed our game, and who knows what new developments the FFA has planned.

And you'd have to hope the media coverage will be a tad more educated this time, you know less of the Roy Masters, Patrick Smith, Rebecca Wilson, Peter FitzSimons, John Bermingham, Andrew Bolt, hey the list goes on and on...less of these guys and gals whinging about the game, the whole football thing.

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