Thursday, 18 June 2009

Stathi: Goose loose in Melbourne

World Cup fever grabs another Aussie Sports Journalist.

Stathi Paxinos, chief rugby league correspondent, The Age, wrote this...ha ha he really did

There are valid reasons for withdrawing Harry Kewell from Australia's game against Japan tonight at the MCG. But one that cannot be justified is the one that Verbeek has actually come out with - that Harry needed a rest after playing in two games in the past month.
and then he said..

Anyone who seriously believes that should take a moment to watch what some of the top National Rugby League stars put themselves through at this time of the year.

While not wishing to join Stathi's attack on another code, Stathi if you are going to talk about football get it right.

Does Stathi know that Harry plays for Galatasary in Turkey when he isn't resting with the Socceroos? Does Stathi know anything about Harry's age, injuries, career or what is ahead of him in South Africa.

It would be like the Kangaroos taking on the 20 or so teams who are better than them, but of course that ain't possible is it!

Melbourne has a Rugby League writer that caused me a chuckle, and a Chief one at that. And guess what the "Chief" is writing about football! Twaddle.

Stathi can join Sydney's Daily Twaddle mob and Rebecca Wilson and a host of others who feel the only thing they can write about football is negative twaddle.

Aussie media continue to attack the Socceroos, football, and anyone and anything they can get their hands on. Give it a break.

One million people play the game but still they attack. No brains, no wonder newspapers ain't making money these days.

But one thing for sure there is more to come.

Bring the clowns on!

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astrojax said...

i left a comment under this article (under yet another pseudonym) to this effect, labeling this stathi thing a berk for these very cogent reasons.

i wonder how much the media will change when we win the bid!