Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Canberra's A-League Goldmine

Adam Griffiths is reputed to be heading to the Gold Coast.
Transfer fee: $1.4 million

Nice bit of business for Australian football, for the Gold Coast and of course his Agent.

Ned Zelic is in Canberra looking at what he describes as a largely untapped talent pool of juniors see the Offsider at

Nicky Carle went for $600,000 plus $20% from any other transfer fees back to Newcastle and he's had a few, now Adam Griffiths and don't forget Bruce Djite, James Holland and the rest.

So Canberra A-League.

Kofi Danning will move for $500,000 won't he? And a 20% on sale fee could reap a million every three years for a Canberra club if he'd started here. Stephen Lustica, Nikolai Topor-Stanley, Chris Bush, Adam Casey, Sam Munro, Kaz Patafta all have potential to be sold on to Europe or perhaps more realistically Asia.

We wouldn't want to lose our local boys but the revenue stream could be as much as $1million on average per year.

We have a huge talent pool in the region, still under-developed. We need an A-League team to reap the benefits or see Sydney FC and the like reap the benefits of Kofi and others.

Now that's just mad isn't it?