Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Champions League/EPL is soooo boring.

Scott McDonald clearly plays for a better team than Tim Cahill.

Although Celtic lost to Arsenal 2-0 last night, Cahill's mob got hammered 6-1 on Saturday. With the Celtic budget around a couple of Everton players, the cheaper ones, we probably did pretty well.

For me, I didn't watch the game. Watching teams with no budget take on the likes of Arsenal and Man Utd over two legs is hardly an interesting contest is it, unless you are an Arsenal or United fan I guess.

Celtic would have a chance in a one-off game, even with our comparatively limited funds, but these two legs and group stages have made the Champions League a very tedious competition until the semi-finals in my view.

The format needs to be changed.

Champions League or English football, there's only about four teams with any real hope and all the new Chelsea, United and Arsenal fans can enjoy their weekly EPL victories over the likes of Hull, Birmingham and Everton. Really couldn't be much duller or less predictable could it?

Give me the A-League where every team, well almost every team, has a chance. That's a real challenge for the Coaches and the fans and that's how I like my football.

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