Thursday, 6 August 2009

Did the A-League Die?

So this is the best season ever? Well how come Fox Sports presented a show designed from 1967.

Get six talking heads,
all men, in black suits and no tie and get them to talk and talk and talk. Missed it? Well just imagine the staring at the picture above for 90 minutes.

In a world where we can't do anything for more than 15 seconds Fox produced that!!!

Now most of those guys are interesting in a small group, informed and often entertaining...I said most..but put them all together and Paul Trimboli, John Kosmina, Mark Bosnich and Robbie Slater were wasted. Wasted I tell ya!

I couldn't bear it. Hardly a goal to be seen, fast-paced, if you are ninety and insights...hardly any unless you like hearing about how useful Kevin Muscat could be.

That's analysis, that's our Season 5 A-League?

So lift your game Fox, 90 minutes of pure drivel. Has the budget run out already, have the ideas run out.

It's 2009, there has been one million TV shows to study on what works and what doesn't and if former Teacher Andy Harper used that style in a classroom, any classroom he'd be laughed out of the school. Does Andy have any input?

And TV is much more visual. Who organised that rubbish?

And interesting Simon Hill wasn't there. Maybe he has a clause, I don't do crap.


Brendan said...

they looked like ageing male pallbearers from the start and the funeral march continued from there - surely fox could see that too.

not the best way to exude freshness about a great new season - very strange and needs overhaul for ep 2 - and some input from women.

made me wish for damian lovelock's hawaiian shirt backed presentation style - at least he has a laugh at himself.

Roy Law said...

You whinge that there is no coverage and then when you get an hour and a half you complain - have you been taking lessons from my wife? Personally I thoroughly enjoyed it; seven blokes talking football (should have had a female on the panel) - plenty of good comments. And Simon H is on honeymoon. I'm still trying to read the hopelessly illegible HTH; even on full screen it is bloody hard work.

Eamonn said...

Hi Roy:

You should be able to print HTH if you have access to a printer.


see an optician.

Seriously your the first complaint we've had re;ease of reading; I assume you tried zooming in etc.

It is reasonably large print, widely spaced so it's designed to be read on-line. Of course no-one expects anyone to read the whole thing on-line, but some seemingly have so the records show!

But thanks for the feedback.

Fox Sports have generally had v. snappy entertaining packages. This in my view wasn't one. And I've noticed a fair amount of criticism elsewhere. Each to their own.

Let the games begin.

Michael West said...

Re: HTH it's great having so much content but I think 40+ pages is a bit of over kill. I got half way through and even this die hard fan had enough. 30 mins staring at a computer was enough for me. In future I think a slightly leaner and meaner publication would be better. It also means you don't have to demand so much from your contributors and can spread their input out. You don't want to burn them out.

Still it's a great initiative and well done to all involved.

Eamonn said...

Hi Michael.

yep agreed with the pages comments, although I reckon even 2 pages can be too much on a computer so not sure how you get round that one!

Guess if people get used to the size and the writers, they'll pick and choose the bits from the content they want to read.

What do you think?

Or maybe they'll comeback again sometime?

Some people have chosen to print it out. Guess we'll see how it evolves.

And Roy:
Interested that you couldn't read it.
Could you email:

We've seriously had no complaints about font size. You are aware of all the possibilities to zoom in etc etc..either way would love to hear exactly why you had a problemo and see if there is something we can fix.



Roy Law said...

Eamonn: fixed the HTH problem by downloading pdf to desk top. Agree with Michael that printing out 45 pages may be a bit much but also agree that it was a really good initiative and hope it prospers.

Roy Law said...

And what were your thoughts when Mike Cockerill said A League may expand to 13 teams? Maybe you can discuss on your next nearpost podcast. It smacks to me of FFA bending over backwards to get a bid up from Western Sydney but can't ignore claim of Canberra?