Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Hawker upgrade? Is that it?

Now most Canberrans love nothing more than sitting and having a coffee. In their spare time, or even in their work time

First we nipped out for a fag now it's for a coffee, anything to get out of the office.

So having visited the wonderful new facility at Hawker I wondered when we will see the off-field match the on-field.

Currently some dingy little hole in the wall constitutes a cafe at Hawker.

So with many many hours of football to be played over the year from kids, training, and senior games where's the plan.

Chuck a modern state-of-the-art cafe come club room on top of the current changing rooms. With huge viewing windows.

Get the best coffee in town and when our little darlings run out for their training sessions etc football can suddenly become a more enjoyable experience for our parents.

Time to take football hospitality into the 21st century and make a bit of cash for the future isn't it? And why not set up a football shop at the centre, selling all our clubs gear, boots, balls you name and corner the market.

Isn't it about time football did this, made money to plough back into our game, for our game. If Capital Football Board don't want it, the A-League4Canberra will take it..thankyou very much. It's called business and they'll clearly have the nous that Capital Football Board seemingly lack.

Or will Capital Football Board never have any idea as to how they can make money and grow our game, or will they always merely beg for Government handouts.

Don't get me started on the revenue from a 24 hour Futsal centre with money pouring into Football, instead of the local Netball centre.

As one Board Member told me, " We don't want to do anything like that." God help us!

Where will we be in another 20 years? Still scratching around for dollars or have an infrastructure to be proud of.

Capital Football Board: Love to hear your vision.