Sunday, 9 August 2009

A-League: Look who's hot.

Gold Coast United has lifted the bar for domestic football in Australia.

Jason Culina, Joel Porter, Shane Smeltz, Robson, Bas Van Den Brink all lit up the Brisbane night with intelligent, skilful football. 3-1 to United. Great for the A-League, great for football fans everywhere.

Joel Porter particularly caught my eye. Strong, great vision on the ball and perhaps better than Shane Smeltz! As expected Jason Culina did not disappoint. And notched a beautiful team goal.

For the Roar: Scottish veteran Bob Malcolm over Luke De Vere in the central defence? Any improvement on our young Aussie? I think not.
Robbie Kruse is out of sorts, and Mitch Nichols was still the best of an uncreative bunch.

In Townsville:
Would Canberra get more than 8,900 for their first A-League game, especially if we drew Sydney and had a Robbie Fowler name on the team sheet. Of course we would.

And with that crowd you'd have to ask why Townsville got the nod and is it sustainable.

Loved David Williams, the Japanese defender Kaijiro Kiamoto and not much else other than a spirited fightback from the Fury. Although one suspects this says more about Sydney's lack of quality, again, then the Fury.

But Canberra junior Kofi Danning stole the show. Another gem of a performance, another goal, and it was a cracker.

In Adelaide Joe Costas, 17, very interesting to see him take the field and Aurelio Vidmar noted his team were very fit.

It showed.

With an improved Perth, still lacking forward pace it has to be said, Melbourne and Central Coast look like yesterday's men. Ernie Merrick lift your game!

And still Ljubo Milicevic to come.


Roy Law said...

From Magnificent Mariners to yesterday's men in 24 hours. What was that about a week being a long time in politics? Make your judgments after nine games when everyone has played everyone (the Roar might even have scored from open play by then...)

Roy Law said...

The Mariners first ever home game drew a crowd of 6,000 and they don't even have an NRL team to compete with. By the finals of version three they were virtually selling out their 20,000 capacity stadium. I think gates for all clubs will pick up after other codes seasons finish, including the Fury.

Andy said...

Perth Glory only drew about 6,000 -7,000 for the first half of their debut season in the NSL, but by the end of that season, they were regularly drawing 17,000. Once the people start to see that it's a good night out at the football, they will start to come in numbers. Those that did turn out at Townsville seemed to be appreciative at the end, and there already seemed to be a bit of passion in the stands. Give them time.