Saturday, 21 November 2009

Henry is a cheat!

Thierry Henry like many afore him says "it's up to the referee!"

But what about decency from himself and the French team. Not once but twice did the ball "hit@ more like he quided the ball with his hand...and what gaul, what cheek to celebrate and blame the referee!

Imagine a French side that wins the World Cup, Henry as captain would receive the trophy.

He should be banned from the tournament. How many kids will now be cheating and not owning up...if the ref doesn't see it.

The game should be replayed...but Henry should be booed across all the fields of Europe and banned from International football.

Sometime professional sport sickens me. Like the pre-meditated blood injury in Rugby Union, the stage in AFL, the false appeal in cricket...and now this in football.

Thierry Henry is a cheat. Boot him out now!


Andy said...

To be fair, Henry had the good grace to look extremely sheepish after the game and he has also fully admitted his guilt since and stated he thinks the fairest thing to do would be to replay the game.

I think it is something that 99% of players would attempt if they thought they could get away with it.

Doesn't make it any less a bitter pill to swallow for the spud munchers, but hey ho, that's football.

Anonymous said...

Well I hope that everyone boycotts the products he endorses and his sponsors drop him like a ton of bricks.

Might teach him a big lesson