Monday, 7 December 2009

Andrew Demetriou: Are you an idiot?

In this mornings Herald Sun the Head of the AFL says,

An entire AFL season could be abandoned and some clubs would "cease to exist" if the MCG was unavailable for 16 weeks during a soccer World Cup in Australia

What a complete idiot!

At the end of the interview he thinks wiser heads will prevail and the AFL season wouldn't be cancelled.

Of course it wouldn't, and the AFL season will continue as normal with a small break. Big deal.

The World Cup comes but once, and the AFL is the biggest game in Australia now, and will be after the World Cup should we get it...and that's a big if.

Why are the AFL so scared, it's truly pathetic.

Most AFL fans support the World Cup, support other Aussie sports, but would not wish to see their code close for a season; and no-one is asking them to. The AFL even moved their season for the Olympics didn't they so what's the big deal with the football World Cup.

Demetriou must be an idiot, scaremonger and Head of AFL rolled into one.

After all why would the greatest game in the World, as we're always told, be scared of a little old boring round ball!


astrojax said...

yes he is! what a fantastic opportunity for the afl to embrace the grassroots and play more games in darwin, hobart, canberra, rural victoria and the like. and how many visitors to australia will want to savour the local delights of the indigenous game??

sheesh - w.anchor most prime! let's hope the rest of the afl wigs get the message and sort him out.

john said...

No he is clever. He is treading the line. He can't do / say what he wants to because he can't line up directly against the government. So he is trying to marshall the fans to do that.