Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Nearpost radio rocks...SSG's abolished?

Nationally we predict Melbourne Sydney blockbuster, look at the Jets revival and why the Fury will finish ahead of Gold Coast...says Paddy!

Eilis Fitt and Eamonn discuss and predict the W-League Grand Final and we have all the news views and opinions.

And all your World Cup tittle tattle.


Locally Peter Funnell has it all covered. The best local football coverage in the region.

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This week we speak again to Eddie Senatore, co-founder of the Boomerangs and ACT Futsal Coach about preparations fro the Nationals, the usefulness of joining of HP Football and HP Futsal over the last eight weeks for futsal training, prior to the naming of the ACT teams and what might be important in preparing an ACT team for the Nationals.

Then we speak to Pat McCann about the recent FFA Senior Licence course run in the ACT and those two new mantras for coaches – “Run it or Play it” and “Play what you see”.

Capital Football has advised all clubs that the playing rules for Under 12s will change from 9 v 9 and a reduced size field, to 11 v 11 and a full size field.

The change was foreshadowed by Han Berger when he briefed us on the new National Curriculum – he gave no good reason to change, but the change was coming whether we liked it or not.

Small sided games underpin technical development, particularly in the junior ages groups and the ACT championed the introduction of small sided games. So it’s a very strange decision in this new football world of technical development across the early years.

The football “flat- earth” aficionados have the day it seems – well for now anyway. They just don’t get it! Just listen to the Georgia Soccer Association (USA) analysis of the matter. They know more about junior football development than Han Berger!

And of course the Under 10's are going BACK to 9 v 9. And interesting that "the experts" consider girls to be about two or three years behind boys in terms of football development....SO WHY ONE SIZE FITS ALL for boys and girls at all ages!

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