Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Nearpost World Cup Draw and young players transfers


We cover the World Cup Draw, why the AFL Leader is an idiot, all the W-League Semi Final coverage and of course the unleashing of Australia's new full-back Troy Hearfield and are Sydney back, is Aloisi really back, will The Jets win three in a row, can the Mariners do it again and Andrew Baresic follows Ned Zelic, Joe Simunic, Stephen Lustica and Kofi Danning all from the same Junior Canberra Club.

Hear it all here.

And locally Peter Funnell has another stunning show on one of Football's hot topics.

This week we have a special edition on the “International transfer of young players”. All players under 18 years of age will not be granted an international transfer to join and play for overseas football clubs.

In this special on this important subject we hear from the President of FIFA, The President of the English Professional Footballers Association, the CEO of the Australian Professional Footballers Association, FFA Head of National Teams and Development and the father of a young Australian Player (aged 16 years) who is currently with an EPL Academy but has clearance to play. If you have a young player who wishes to pursue professional football, you need to hear this program.


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