Tuesday, 19 January 2010

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Peter Funnell writes:
In this program we have a very close look at the ACT participation in the FFA’s Futsal Nationals......

just concluded here in the ACT. Capital Football did a terrific job organising the Nationals. How did we do, how can we get better and what are the pressures around developing Futsal in the ACT. And why are some of our very best football players being held back or electing not to represent the ACT at age at Nationals? And why did the Canberra Times give so little press coverage to the Nationals?
Just so that you have this in perspective, our Womens Youth Team won their final and are National champions. This is hotly contested group and women’s football and futsal is making terrific progress in the Act – some say better than the boys / mens! These are the ACT teams that campaigned their way through many round games to get a place in the Futsal Natinoals finals at the AIS last Friday;

U11 Girls Cobras
U15 Girls Cobras
Youth Womens Cobras
Open Womens Cobras
U16 Boys Cobras
Youth Mens Cobras
Open Mens Cobras

This is a sensational result. We pucnh above our division in Futsal and the competition is getting tougher each year.
And what about that terrific little Solomon Islands team – how good were these lads?
Futsal is growing fast and we need a good commercial sports model to allow it to grow. I just can’t help thinking about Viking Futsal – go back and have a listen to that interview, because so much of it makes so much sense.

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