Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Nearpost national and local football it, want it.

Nearpost get stuck into the Socceroo wannabees, Roar and Moore and Postecoglou...all the news; is Viteslev good news for Sydney, should the Griff get gone, and a quiz question to die for from our own Paddy Bordier. Lucy Zelic and myself complete the panel of "experts."

Hope you enjoy our enthusiasm for the Aussie game...and a letter from Anthony Fergo Ferguson as he looks back on his decade of football.

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In the first program for 2010 we give top billing to the development of junior footballers. Who better to talk to than Warren Grieve, the High Performance officer for Football West. He coached that fantastic Under 13 Boys team who captured the attention of all who saw them at the inaugural Australian FFA Under 13 Boys Nationals. They were the team that played “football” in all circumstances – the
“Barcelona of the West”.

Sadly, by contrast, the ACT Under 13 Boys team had a dreadful campaign. They were well off the pace and that said far more about our talented player development proves in the ACT than it did about the young lads that played for the ACT in this championships competition.

The question that should occupy our thoughts is whether Capital Football has made enough ground, preferably in the direction of Football West, to enable the ACT to be more competitive in the 2010 and play in style that gives meaning to the new National Curriculum.

The next championships in this age group will probably be in April 2010, so its not far away and is a good first examination of the new High Performance Football program. A bit harsh you say – well not really, because if it the HPP doesn’t work for this age group the entire development process collapses. Its that important! One thing is certain, you don’t need to win to be successful – the WA Under 13 Boys proved that last year.

Warren Grieve provides a candid insight into the conduct of the program that produces this wonderful young team that went on to provide a significant number of players to the inaugural Australian Under 13 team , including the Captain. As they say “the times they are a changing”! Oh yes, the inaugural FFA Under 13 Girls National Championships will be held at the same in 2010. Excellent.

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