Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A-League Speciality: From Harry Kewell to left back!

Must admit we've had a heap of the "next Harry Kewells," and Tommy Oar is the latest...or is he?

With Scott Chipperfield, David Carney, Michael Zullo and Troy Hearfield already following that fine Australian tradition of converting our not quite next Harry Kewell's into left or right backs how long will the next Harry, Tommy Oar, go before he takes the same path.

Unfortunately Michael Zullo is not a full back and never will be it seems. He's not Harry either. Troy Hearfield....maybe a full back of some sunstance in years to come. A winger he is not!

And I had to laugh when I saw Jason Hoffman playing in a suspiciously looking full back role for the Jets the other night.

Tommy Oar won the Young Player of the Year award but for me Matthew Leckie was about ten metres ahead of him in every sprint. And Leckie scores and creates, so how come Tommy won?

Ange has turned Zullo into what? How long will Tommy Oar be replaced by the next young Harry. Or is Tommy Oar the real deal.

Good luck to Tommy but I'm going to say he's not Harry. Not now and probably never.
And while we're at it Taj Minniecon is looking like he could do a job at full back.

We keep producing exciting debutant wingers, and it's great, but equally interesting is the speed at which they are disgarded for the "next Harry." Football is a ruthless business.

Still no sign of the next Harry Kewell, or come to think of it Mark Viduka either!

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