Friday, 26 February 2010

Pim? Did you really prepare for Asia?

If Australia don't qualify for the Asia Cup 2011, they need just a point against Indonesia at home on Wednesday in Brisbane, then I'm all for sacking Pim Verbeek, World Cup or no World Cup.

Pim has done a fantastic job so far, in the World Cup. We're going and after 14 games across Asia it may not have been pretty but it wasn't easy either.

But post-South Africa thoughts will turn to the 2011 Asia Cup. And imagine if we're not there. It will be Pim's fault, no if's no buts.

How will our World Cup bid look then? What about our chance to rebuild a team for 2014 World Cup qualification?

And make no mistake, it will be Pim's fault. After all he's the Coach, of not just the World Cup side, but the Asia Cup side.

He picked a dud side in Canberra, dropped about 8 players for the next A-league side in Kuwait, and now seems to have another raw bunch for the game in Indonesia and little prep, criticised the line-up and key players in Jakarta...and yes he picked them. Continuity is crucial in football, so what has Pim been thinking?

And if he doesn't get us to the Asia Cup.

Big FAIL, and it's his planning and preparation that has let us down. And if so he should go, and forego his World Cup party at our future expense.

Why hasn't Pim been working with an A-League group over the last two years, knowing he would need them. Other countries like Japan and co take their football seriously and often have camps without their overseas based players. And we even have a shorter season so much more time than most countries.

What is wrong with Pim when it comes to Asia? No excuses, it's his gig and if he comes out against the players, as he did in Indonesia re: Archie Thompson and Danny Allsopp, the A-League players, it's his fault not theirs. He needed to prepare them and he's had two years to do it.

I hope it's not too late come Wednesday.


Smokygrayson said...

Pim's recruitment for the Asian Cup has been poor. He has not picked a consistent team, just those who look good "at the moment". This is puzzling, since his World Cup selections have been predictable and stable.

john said...

If we don't get to Asia 2011, then qualification to the world cup 2014 will be harder. And it will make hosting the world cup 2018/2022 less likely.

I agree with George Negus - why expect players to put in a great performance when you have told them they are not good enough.

It will be difficult to ensure the medium term survival of the A-League without the push that would come from hosting a world cup.

If the A-League doesn't make it through the next 5 years, then Pim has done his bit to help it on its way.

He has looked after his interests and no more.