Thursday, 18 February 2010

Why the Gold Coast will win the A-League!

While all the focus is on the big city clubs, Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory the winner I believe is likely to come from the club with the smallest crowds in the league, Gold Coast United.

Now it's easy to predict the winners when it's a two horse race but I thought Roar fans would love to see someone die on their sword right here, right now.

I know, I know the Gold Coast have been doing it tough lately, losing at home, losing away, they even lost in the tribunal, Steve Pantelidis 5 (weeks) Kevin Muscat 2 (weeks) but the stars are aligning for one of the A-League's new teams to win the Championship in their first season, as Miron Bleiberg bragged early doors.

Here's why the Gold Coast will win.

They have the easiest game bar none against a much jaded and Michael Bridges/Fabio Vignaroli less Newcastle Jets. Gold Coast will win right?

A great start to finals football and a much needed confidence boosting win.

Okay we agree on that.

Meanwhile over in the windy Oceania football capital of the World Wellington who rarely lose at home will be roared home by the ever growing local football community as Perth go tamely out. Eugene Dadi to score anyone?

Still think I make sense, or course you do.

So it comes down to the Gold Coast at home to Wellington. Now I know Wellington won last time with a dubious penalty but lightning or dodgy refs can't strike twice not even in the A-League...or on second thoughts...they probably will.

But Jason Culina, Joel Porter Charlie Miller and Shane Smeltz will win. None of them are injured, at least not yet. And Wellington don't really travel well do they?
Gold Coast are at home and will be up for it.

And so Gold Coast lie in wait or at least head to Melbourne.

Why Melbourne?

Because Melbourne will lose to Sydney again in the preliminary final. Without Archie Thompson and Robbie Kruse, add on trips to China and back Carlos Hernandez off on international duty with Costa Rica, and there is no way Melbourne can beat Sydney FC over two legs.

Just too many games for the exciting Melbourne team; exciting when they have the full complement of attacking players. This time they don't.

(Wonder what Ernie Merrick thinks now about selling his forward line in November!)

So Gold Coast to silence Melbourne at the Dome; possibly their only true test of their finals campaign.

And so to the final. Sydney FC v Gold Coast.

Gold Coast beat Sydney quite comfortably recently, albeit by just one goal, and with the attacking show ponies the Gold Coast have who would bet against them in front of a packed crowd in Sydney? Not me? Not you?

Against a Sydney team not renowned for their attacking flair, Sydney now lack Steve Corica their most creative player.

So Gold Coast surf to a deserve title! Or is it a case of last A-League attacker standing takes the trophy.

Disagree? How could you!


Anonymous said...

Great blog mate. And your Nearpost show is AWESOME!!! Lucy is fantastic. Get rid of that Terry Henry bloke - he's a dickhead.

Can't agree with your predictions. i reckon it will be Sydney v Wellington. The boys across the pond are on a world cup roll and they beat the gold coast away and i reckon can do it again. melbourne are gone - no Archie, no Kruse and now likely to lose Mrdja after his brain explosion. Sydney to beat Wellington 2-0 in the GF!

Anonymous said...

Gold Coast? Your having a laugh. Anyway the Sheriff and his posse of dodgy referees have already decided they can't win. What sort of league wants the team with the smallest crowds to be champions. Melbourne for me.

Fred said...

I think the Gold Coast have run out of gas. Great first year effort but they will fall short - just.

Anthony said...

Sydney v Wellington in the final in Sydney.
Ticket sales through the roof switch to ANZ.
Predict 70,000 of which there'll be 45,000 kiwi's

Hamish said...

I just read this post, so it's not fair, but... um, I disagree. :)

Let's see how your prediction re: Wellington goes.

Eamonn said...

humble pie...being taken in a rather large dose as you read