Sunday, 21 March 2010

Grand Final Marketing Dream

Now not sure the AFL or NRL get re-shown in Korea or even on the Korea news but what about the A-League?

We could have had Joe Gibbs or Mark Bridge take the final penalty or maybe a hero from North Queensland, Mitch Langarek save it.

Would have been big in Cairns the next day.

But Sydney always with an eye to the market, the future, sent in Korean Byun Sung-Hwan, and he duly scored and won the Grand Final.

So I reckon the A-League Grand Final with it's huge crowd has played out on Korean TV Stations all over the country this morning.

or maybe Koreans woke to news on Ben Cousins injuries or North Queensland Cowboys over Penrith Panthers footage instead.

In a week where Andrew Demitriou has raised the hackles once more of Aussie sports fans good to see football can go where the AFL can't, in a week where a Aussie Newspaper Editor told a journo he must ask a question about crowd violence ahead of the A-League game to the Coaches, and where news coverage of the game has been registered to minor pages and the last story in the week leading up to the final on many news and radio bulletins, I say take that Mr AFL and all the pathetic Sports Editors in the country who continue to bring bias into their news coverage; and yes that includes the ABC!

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