Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Is Ernie Merrick good enough for Asia?

Even tonights opponent Sas Ognenovski says what all football fans know. We love the Victory style but can they play a 1-0 win in Asia, against class opposition.

Even with Kevin Muscat they have been pretty lame, even immature in a football sense. Attack at pace, hit Archie on the break. But do they have something more. Fine for the A-League...but in Asia.

Tonight we'll see if Ernie has what Aurelio Vidmar clearly has, tactical nous!

"I think Melbourne’s attacking instincts and open style might actually work against them," he told The World Game.

“They like to take a few risks and commit players forward and make the play and while that’s good to watch it carries with it the chance of getting caught out.

“Adelaide are totally different tactically, even at home they play on the counter and that’s how they got the better of Pohang (in their Group H opener), who are very good side. If they get a goal up, they know how to protect that goal.

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