Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Nearpost talks Socceroos, ACL and Finals Fever

Lucy Zelic, Patrick Bordier and myself Eamonn Flanagan talk Socceroos, A-League, Wellington Phoenix, Sydney FC, Melbourne Victory, Asian Champions League, Pohang Steelers, Matildas.

If we lose should Pim go? Patrick says no! Eamonn and Lucy say Yes!
Is Matthew Leckie better than Tommy Oar? Patrick says no!
Who got the most assists, and goals in the A-League this year, Oar or Leckie...yep Patrick says no!

Will the Phoenix win Lucy says Yes!

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Anonymous said...

Another top quality show guys. Can't believe how you and Lucy gang up on poor Paddy like that. You wouldn't do that to Terry Henry!

By the way you should have his Indonesian namesake Terry McCarthy on next week to dissect the game.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I listen you your podcast here in downtown Pittsburgh, PA. You guys are awesome! You have such cool sense of humor. Its like your from England or somewhere not New Zeeland! Is it soccer you guys are talking about?


Soccer Jerseys said...

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Andrew said...

Hey Eammon, how many touches did Matthew leckie get against indonesia and how many did Tommy Oar get??????

Eamonn said...