Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Official: Canberra Governments make you fat (ter)

The nation's capital is full of Governments determined to keep their kids fat, maybe make them fatter!

Kids want to play sport, seems thousands want to play football, but the local sports ground planners say, "football is a winter code," and therefore you can only get a ground broadly speaking from April/May to September and make that the first week in September.

Time they stopped spending money on health promotions and actually let the kids play the sports they want when they want.

How many more years do Canberra kids have to put up with this tripe?

Football goes from March 1 to December 1 for our kids, includes pre-season, the season and development/summer competitions and it's about time our officials got it.

For every hundred kids on an oval playing football, running and working off obesity Australia they can let 20/30 kids play cricket, a few less play baseball etc etc. Nothing against any other sports but isn't it time the kids of Australia got a chance to play sport.

The ones they want, when they want?

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Brendan said...

same problem in sydney - clubs regos booming again this year to amazing record highs but players of all ages cannot get on a ground to play trials till close to april season start until council release fields tied up by very limited numbers playing cricket for one thing.

many football clubs have capped team numbers again this year due to lack of grounds.

players signed up in late jan or early feb but many clubs can't even begin training except on limited school playground areas etc

throw in the usual council ordered wash-outs when small amounts of rain falls and football season is being hedged in on many fronts looking for any opportunity to extend.