Friday, 12 March 2010

"This is not Football"

For every Coach and Parent of any junior Australia team, including the futsal hoofers who smash the ball from end to end.

This is not football. It never was and watch the video to see FFA Technical Director Han Berger start to correct the "fault" in our junior players.


Jim Jacobs said...

Yep this is most certainly NOT football! I am pleased to see that this is being taken seriously and worked on.

clayton_ive said...

WARNING Pedant alert!

Pedantic rant follows.

I always find "this is football/this isn`t football" meme annoying and elitist. You also here it when a team dares to park the bus, as Rangers did against Barca a couple of years ago. It is football. They weren`t doing modern dance or playing cricket in the clips. It is football. It just happens to be very ineffective, ugly to watch football.

Rant end.