Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Australians undervalued, by Australians?

The three Roar players, Tommy Oar, Adam Sarota and Michael Zullo left for Utrecht last week.

All players will receive the Dutch minimum wage for overseas players with Zullo and Oar, given their representative football, getting possibly getting more.

The minimum wage in Holland is Euro 200,000 which transfers to a cool $300,000 just now.

Adam Sarota, 21, hardly played for the Roar yet when he did he looked like he might improve, if he played a lot more. By 21 he hadn't had many games in Australia and yet Utrecht saw something, enough to offer him $300,000 rumoured to be just $100,000 less than Archie Thompson is on!

So are we undervaluing our players, in monetary terms, yes of course, but more importantly in playing terms.

A three year deal in Holland should, providing they don't let it go to their heads, and lets face it after being on $50,000+ at the Roar who wouldn't let it go to their heads, provide for an increased payday next time. No wonder they don't care if they don't play..too much.

Nice work lads, but given the transfer fee, the three players involved, the A-League clubs should be playing the young lads even more. By 21, we could have many more Adam Sarota's running around and loads of dosh being transferred to the league.

Time to play the young guns, and more of them, more often!

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