Friday, 23 April 2010

Storm Clouds in Melbourne

Bit of a yawn to see the papers full of "NRL" crises, again.
This time, shock oh horror, the Salary Cap has been breached, and not a News Ltd employee knew a dicky bird.

And what of every other code, AFL, A-League, Union etc I'm sure the only reason most clubs don't break the cap is because they don't have the money.

Really, reckon it's just a plot to keep Rugger's one big news story of the year off the back page. FTA TV, for Union, both Super 14 and the Wallabies and some more dosh and of course a heap of local Union games. Finally and doesn't it make sense.

Well done boys, but reckon the Socceroos are about twenty times bigger than the Wallabies,even if your daddy doesn't think so; so about time we saw the Green and Gold on FTA. If Union can do it and survive financially surely the FFA can sort a package out.

Meanwhile back in Storm land, the CEO of Storm has joined the Melbourne Rebels, the S15 Union side.......carry on everyone...

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