Tuesday, 31 August 2010

FFA: Give us back our rego fees....NOW!

Technical Development, kids playing more football, need to grow the game at all levels.

Well the FFA have been talking "bullshit," for many years now when it comes to Canberra and the wider region.

In Canberra no boy can play outside of Canberra in a Canberra team, in a NSW Youth League, NSW Premier League, in an A-League Youth team or A-League team.

So what is the point of Canberra boys playing football and doing all this extra so-called development. Of course the boys are thinking of getting somewhere one day maybe; but aside from a love of the game, what can they aspire to?


So parents of Canberran boys continue to pay your registrations to Capital Football and through them to the FFA but maybe we start to ask the question.

What are the FFA doing for football in this region. What say you FFA, we can't hear you! And we certainly don't see anything.

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