Sunday, 29 August 2010

Graham Arnold: Did I ever criticise you?

Okay Arnie if Harry says, via Bernie, you're poisonous I'll ignore it. Because it's unfair almost stupid of "our Bernie," who manages "Our Harry." How did an Agent get to become such a spokesman btw?

Anyway I was disappointed with the 2007 Arnie led Asian Cup. It was crap. The Olyroos qualification was extraordinary under Arnie and Baan but the Beijing Olyroo performances were...crap.

So how would this Two time World Cup Assistant Coach go when he finally gets to take his own club side....again.

I've always hated the Mariners style of play. Andre Gumprecht, Andrew Clarke, (Get them out of the friggin gym Andrew and spend the time with the ball for god sake, they're big already have you seen their chests) Dylan Mcallister, Nigel Boogard, Matt Simon have never got me excited; beyond the Mariners first season when the then minnows of the A-League (now we have the Fury) club did very well and should have won the Grand Final. And when John Hutchison is your very best player, in a creative sense, well what are you going to get?

So Arnie comes and out goes a British hacking centre-back, nice, in comes Aussie Oliver Bozanic a find of the season who gets better every game and then Mr Pat Perez a footballer who may just get me watching week in week out.

A touch to dive for?

Bad planning meant the Mariners were left with a goalie so young so inexperienced it was amazing Sydney didn't test him with a few up and unders; but while that's clearly a Coaching error the rest of the team is up for it.

They even kept the ball for at least 8 passes at one time last night, under pressure. Has a Mariners team ever done that?

Keep it up Arnie. With Perez, Bozanic and Hutchison all looking good, why Matt Simon might start scoring and then who knows what could happen! Although the goalscoring ranks look a little bare to challenge for the top, a new goalie and a reasonable season could be ahead. However you won't be playing Sydney ever week will you?

Unlike most teams when Mariners lose a player they bring a similar non-superstar to replace, well a non-superstar so the team loses nothing much. Sydney and Melbourne Victory and Heart have no such depth!

Shunting Dylan McAllister was also smart as the Phoenix are finding out!

Early days but shades of revolution on the Central Coast. Good on yer Arnie!


wayne said...

we must have been channelling each other on sunday mate...

Eamonn said...

love that Cockerill cartoon...that's what I'm saying:)

Eamonn said...

the Wet many wonder if you are alone on the planet sometimes Wayne...but there are TWO of us.....