Thursday, 30 September 2010

Another Canberra star rises and dies?

Of course it would be a Canberran that wins the trip of a lifetime to the Nike Academy in England.

Well Tom Rogic, ANU, we wish him well.

Remember it was ANU that assisted Luke Pilkington to become the latest Fox Football Superstar who now has a contract at Melbourne Victory.

Why has this soon to be deceased local Canberra Premier League club produced two such players?

Because visionary Coach John Mitchell set up a young footballers program, advised by Ron Smith and Andrew Young, and the team was trained at a level not seen by any other Canberra football clubs - face it they are social football at best aren't they!

So good luck to Tom he's got to go somewhere.....there's no football in the capital is there?

Now the ANU model is defunct will Canberra ever get another boy into professional football without going through the AIS - and there ain't many places there are there?


Anonymous said...

Well if things are so wrong then the HPP review that is being done right now by one of those eminent people you speak of is just the opportunity to put things right if need be, at least for the highest level of junior footballers. As for the rest of the leagues the future lies, one suspects, in a NSW pathway for one of our clubs or a PL that is smaller in number of teams (eg. 6 to 8) and geographically based and without the CFCs and Olympics...

Eamonn said...

Not sure things are so wrong, just that as you point out there is no pathway for our boys who don't get to the AIS.

There is nothing to aim for, unless the ACT Premier League is your ultimate football goal..and if it is that's fine.

The crucial links, a NSW Premier League team and Youth team in NSW and the A-League would give all our post-16 players a real chance to progress and get into the A-League, NSW shop window and from there who knows

Of course an A-League team would be the icing on the cake.

But many years on no sign of anything much happening re:boys/men from our local organisation.

Priority One? Clearly not.

the Animal said...

Eamonn, thanks for you support of the ANUFC PL Program over the last two years. I am sorely disappointed that it had to end so soon. One day, with a healthy cheque book, we may be back.
Vilis Est Sermo