Thursday, 9 September 2010

Are Perth fans really this thick?

Great to see the fans rolling in at Perth Glory; makes for a great atmosphere. But how long will it last?

Having listened to the Glory fans over the years, singing their stupid "You FAT Bastard" chant and swearing through many songs it's finally dawned on the club and the fans that this might actually:

Dissuade Sponsors
Dissuade TV Viewers
and more importantly dissuade fans and families.

Don't believe me? Go and do a straw poll with any family that plays grassroots football in Australia and ask them before you respond to me.

Families, from our so-called Grassroot base, tend not to want their Under 12 kids sitting listening to a group of fans swearing in unison across the ground. Just ask them?

But of course Perth Glory fans would rather carrying on swearing and having a great fun, even if the rest of the stadium is empty. How many years has this been going on?

Can I say to the Shed.

You're shit....ah ah ah ah ah ah ah


Anonymous said...

is this for real! what a joke...its harmless fun.

Eamonn said...

Must be for real I guess; it's all over the Perth Glory website so harmless fun it maybe but guess someone aren't happy are they!

Anonymous said...

not really.

its just the 'we hate sydney fc, we hate melbourne too (F&%kn hate the c&%nts), we hate adelaide united but glory we love you' chant.

the bit in brackets in the problem.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is just another example of the over the top nanny state

Maybe the reason the rest of the ground is empty is because the club was poorly run and hit by bad FFA policies

Besides, there is another issue where you can equally say it is problematic fans who are actually committed and turn up to most home games are prejudiced against by clown administrators who pander to the interests of "fans" who play at grassroots levels, only turn up to a handful of matches on a casual basis, these people certainly won't be interested in turning up to a dull and atmosphere less match which is boring

People out in society are politically incorrect, some say naughty words, maybe some people need to stop being so precious and preventing their children from developing coping mechanisms on how to deal with such stuff