Monday, 13 September 2010

Aussie Football: Changed forever?

Now South Australia are a passionate lot; But what they are saying down there has a ring of truth about it doesn't it.

Adelaide United and A-League fans may well be in the middle of a phenomenon which could change the “notorious kick and run” face of the nation’s football league. Sports fans potentially are witnessing the dawn of an era, the blueprint for new-age Aussie football.

The football is faster, more skilful than the NSL ever was, the Coaches just better, at least more of them are. And it isn't just Adelaide United leading the way. There's a heap of others and it's great.

With kids actually playing with the ball in small-sided games at the wee level we're starting to see even more players at the younger level with more basic skills. Who doesn't have a ball at training these days!

And with more A-League clubs playing a high tempo passing game the game is on the move.

And as a former NSL and Cosmos fan...about sodding time Australia.

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