Friday, 24 September 2010

Australian football can survive.

Every Aussie city should be able to have a football club given we’ve got so many players. Right?

So how do you get one that is sustainable? You work from the ground up, and have a salary cap in keeping with revenues that we can bring in. If your salary cap is way too big then every club gets into debt in the scramble to win the league; and clubs eventually fail.

Also clearly teams from the regions should not need as much money as Sydney or Melbourne to get into the league – on the basis they will not be able to raise the same revenue in terms of sponsors and fans – so different model for the regions and a different salary cap.

Of course marquee, u23 marguee or a region with a rich investor can always up the ante, but basic commercial sense would see different financial considerations in different markets.

But FFA don’t seem to have much nous when it comes to starting clubs; only seem to know how to cobble together a basket case to save the club…..and most of that is based on getting one rich investor in and talk about the community model..whatever that is! (Robbie Slater thinks its Jennifer Hawkins)

How much money has the Double FA wasted on saving clubs thru lack of planning and due diligence in handing out the licences.

West Sydney could get up don’t be surprised at the desperation of the FFA; they’ll take anyone and anything and don’t be surprised if the model fails fails fails. It’s looking pretty top down to me already – apart from the funds of course.

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