Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Ben Buckley: Not good enough

FFA's CEO Ben Buckley came out to face the music this week on The World Game and Fox Sports and it wasn't impressive.

Think Season 3, 15,000 average crowds, a 50,000 game high in Melbourne and now in Season 6 we'll be lucky to get 15,000 for any game.

Ben Buckley answered all the questions put to him last night but I couldn't help thinking this guy has nothing on John O'Neill.

O'Neill lead from the front, met the media and briefed them once a month, big announcements. With Buckley he's come out when the damage has to be controlled.

And it's some damage and it's all around the A-League:

Falling crowds.
Failing clubs.

There are of course different ways to manage the A-League; but that's the point Ben and his ever-shrinking team has been so focused on the World Cup Bid it is not possible to put the same smarts and same efforts into the A-League.

Ben had no solutions for us, the fans, last night. Nothing that I could see.

Where will we be in three years?

After last night, apart from a TV deal, there is really no hope. And putting all your eggs into the TV deal isn't a business strategy in my view.

Time to go Ben?

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