Tuesday, 7 September 2010

FFA: $45 million not enough?

You see if I was running the A-League over the last three or four years I'd have a budget, going forward, for that. It's called a plan isn't it. That's what the big businesses do I've heard.

Budget and plan.

And when I got an extra $45 million from the Federal Government for the World Cup bid I'd have a budget for that. Specifically for that and I wouldn't have to rob from my A-League budget to pay for the World Cup bid, because I would have budgeted for it.

So I, being a clever CEO, should be able to maintain two professional operations/departments within the organisation.

So why the hell does Blind Freddy and his mates think Frankie and Benny and the team at the FFA (seems there is only one team) are spending every minute and dime on the 2022 World Cup bid and sod all on the A-League.

And isn't it good management practice to cover off on both projects. Or have I missed something.

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