Wednesday, 8 September 2010

FFA: Moving backwards!

While the rest of the country embraces "moving forward," only the FFA seems to buck the trend. We're not so much moving backwards as sprinting backwards and it almost seems as if it's by choice!

And finally the FFA's hand has been revealed.

And it's come from Former A-League Boss Archie Fraser and it makes sense.

We all wondered why there has been a rush of resignations from the FFA in the last few months. We've all wondered how A-League Season 3 high 15,000 crowd averages were never built on. We've all wondered how the FFA would respond to drops in Season 4 and 5. Media, grassroots, ticket sales, expansion, W-League etc etc all questions needing answers.

Pathetic isn't it.

Media promotion of the game has been pathetic.

Archie, an insider, has spoken and now it's confirmed it's time for change.

First up: Ben Buckley - answer your critics. Head the World Cup Bid and hand the FFA to someone else, including the A-League.

And let's hear it Frank or Ben:

What is the plan to promote the A-League?
What is the plan to increase crowds?
What is the plan to tap into the grassroots?
What is the plan to ensure the A-League clubs are sustainable?

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