Thursday, 30 September 2010

FFA: World Cup win won't save the A-League

CEO Ben Buckley has two plans to "save" the A-League judging by his performances on FOX and SBS recently.

1. Win the 2022 World Cup Bid.

2. Get an increase TV deal from Fox or whoever in 2013.

Not good enough scream the fans of football in Australia.

What did the Socceroos creditable performances at their third World Cup Finals do for A-League crowds. Isn't the World Cup appearance by the Green and Gold supposed to send local football soaring?

Record low crowds in Sydney, Gold Coast and poor crowds elsewhere have answered that FFA bullshit.

So should we win the bid on December 2nd, and we might but might not, how does either scenario help the local game in the next two to three years.

More sponsors will gradually come in at the top end no doubt but again getting people to watch and take interest in the A-League requires something more than the already useless top-down approach.

2. And waiting for a TV deal is great but are the NRL and AFL hanging out for this next influx of cash. Yes and no. Their games are strong and will continue no matter the level of cash they do or do not get.

3. FFA need to bring the football public and the rest of the Aussie public with them, gaining the interest and goodwill of all sports fans.

Aussies love to hear the community involvement of the NRL and AFL and it is this factor that could turn public opinion around.

Support the grassroots, engage the kids, not necessarily instantly getting them through the gates, engage them over the long-term. This has to be the plan, build awareness, build support for the code at the local grounds.

Where is this plan?

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