Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Grassroots plan didn't work; next plan FFA?

FFA continue to harp on about Grassroots as the reason and hope for the A-League's future.

We've had two World Cups, many sold out Grand Finals, Dwight Yorke, Robbie Fowler and many returning Socceroos and yet the Grassroots haven't come to the game regularly.


Well have you ever heard anyone talk about the A-League in your group along Saturday morning soccer, the great grassroots at your club?

With the same passion as League or AFL ,cricket or Union?

So provide the league and the grassroots will come. After 5 years that clearly didn't work so what's the next plan Ben?


Anonymous said...

I have. Then again I live on the Central Coast where the club actually does connect with the grassroots. So much so that there are clubs in the southern reaches of the Newcastle Jest catchment that rather associate themselves with the Mariners.

Eamonn said...

Good to hear.

But you wonder why it hasn't boosted crowds after 5 years across the League.

Most clubs seemed to have improved their Community outreach over the years - as much as it is possible.

And why haven't the Mariners possibly one of the most focused community clubs seen crowds increase or even the big Derby crowds and Holiday crowds .hold up

With little other sport in the region and the focus over 5 years being on the Mariners ncluding two grand finals why is it so hard for the Mariners to get to 10,000 fans and big crowds occasionally?

Anonymous said...

possibly simple economics - the standard is not high enough and the excitement not enough to entice people to pay the price of the tickets, travel, associated expenses etc.
also many can stay at home and watch it on Fox for free (apart from the paytv sub of course which they are paying anyway)
however if a ManU v Liverpool EPL game was played at the MCG/Homebush it would be a sellout
I was surprised that many people actually went to the A-League games at Bruce last year