Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Jets are saved....for now!

Great news to hear the Jets are saved for this year and local identity Nathan Tinkler has taken over.

So Con Constantine has gone after spending millions on the club.

Highs of 24,000 in Season 3 was quickly followed by attacks on the Newcastle Knights (not smart) around Grand Final time and then of course the firesale of every player, or so it seemed who won the thing.

The community were onside, but Con and his admin team could never keep things stable, and build on the onfield successes.

Similar in fact to most other clubs in the A-League.

Will the Jets survive beyond this season? Will they have enough money to continue without Con?

Don't know but it's great to have the Jets remain; who next the Gold Coast?

And will Con go quietly? Come to Canberra Con!

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