Monday, 6 September 2010

A-League benefits from Youth Competition

Quality of the A-League is up this year and here's the three main reasons for those without Fox!

1. Quality of Coaches appears to have improved. Franz Straka over Iain Ferguson, Branko Culina over Richard Money, Graham Arnold over Lozza McKinna to name a few and a heap of Coaching Licences in the mix.

In fact the quality is so good we have two great proven Aussie Coaches Aurelio Vidmar and Gary Van Egmond nowhere near the A-League.

2. Foreign players worth watching. Okay Sydney FC have signed another dud in Brazilian Bruno Cazarine but their so many more who are having an impact. Robbie Fowler, Gerald Sibon, Marcos Flores, Michael Bridges, Paul Ifill, Henrique, Alex Terra (maybe, Andy Todd, Patrick Zwaanswijk, Carlos Hernandez, Eric Akoto. The increasing Salary Cap and experiences gained of money spent on Juninho, Brian Deane, Bob Malcolm, Steve McMahon junior and the like have clearly helped

3. A-League Professional Pathway:
The major reason is that when the A-League started the players in the 20-23 age range had little previous football of a decent level. The dying embers of the NSL, the break from the NSL to the A-League meant over the first two or three years we couldn't bring in any young player to fill in and/or grab a spot to make an impact.

The technical ability of our younger players has clearly improved. Some have gained this from playing in the A-League, most have improved it by watching, training with A-League players, playing Youth League and NSW and VPL State League games.

The quality of young players starting in the A-League today is at it's highest level ever. And your league is only ever as good as it's weakest players.

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