Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Les Murray: (SBS) Soccer bashing Soccer

We all have hindsight, well maybe not the FFA, but the rest of us it seems. And of course particularly SBS.

FTA, everyone thinks we desperately need it, now, everyone that is except Les Murray and SBS who spent the first four years or so bagging the a-league they are desperately trying to now promote.

First they were moved from Sunday arvo when their ratings dropped presumably due to their negative portrayal of all things Australian, but now having been shunted they like the A-League. Get it.

And Les Murray who wrote on the current plight surrounding the A-League. Poor Les is worried about the so-called soccer bashers waiting to bash soccer. But his mob were surely first weren't they, and loud!

It’s pretty frightful and I am now dreading the threatening downward spiral: low attendances breeding even lower attendances, funding sources running out, losses of capitalisation, no new investment, TV rights fee valuations shrinking, press coverage further reducing from the skimpy space the league already gets, and the champion soccer-bashers mockingly mimicking Johnny Warren by saying, ‘I told you so’.:

He then added surely with his tongue in his cheek:
You can add to that the moaning of some specialist football scribes in our midst who lately have been cataloguing the league’s bad crowd numbers almost daily, implying looming death, pestilence and catastrophe.

Surely he means himself, Jesse Fink and Craig Foster. Of course he can throw in Mike Cockerill and Ray (I'm always negative) Gatt for good measure.

But it makes me laugh how these guys talk about the "specialist football scribes in our midst" like there are loads of them and half of them don't work for SBS.

Come on Les. Football fans across Australia know who Soccer bashes. And we know who started it. This time SBS lead the way...and let's not forget it.

Don't believe me? Take a straw poll of football fans across the nation. During the first five years of the A-League, we hated you and switched you off!

In fact we switched you off so much you're lucky to be on Monday nights on Channel 2!

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