Monday, 27 September 2010

Sydney signs of life..slowly.

Despite showing signs of attacking football, even if only sporadically, the A-Leagues most boring team last year and again this year are still without a win.

Last seasons Champions Sydney FC produced some flickers of exciting football, I almost woke up at times, but they just don't have the pace and energy to up the tempo often enough do they?

Faced with just 10 men for the last 20 minutes against Gold Coast United a more passionate team would have been able to lift the crowd and put much more pressure on the Gold Coast defence than they were able to do.

Even the route ones in the final moments failed to find ANYONE inside the box. Some achievement with so many Sydney players pushed up!

Few leaders on the park, matched presumably by the lack of leaders off the park.

What team sells half its Championship winning starting eleven and expects to succeed?
One that is broke?

Mark Bridge showed he can play football, finally, and beautifully, even if his assets are limited.

He needs to play behind not one but two strikers where he can be very effective and of course where he doesn't need any pace. He doesn't have any does he?

But when he creates like this, or is played in the correct position, Sydney surely didn't need to spend the money on Nicky. Bridge created some golden opportunities yesterday and should be able to do the same if his two forwards remain fit.

But where does that leave Nicky Carle? Can't see them both playing can you? And Bruno Cazarine is looking the more potent, more direct, if it comes down to Bridge or the Brazilian upfront.

Interestingly Nicky who can be dynamic in that role behind the front two has been seen deep, or so deep all season. Oh England what have you done to our Nicky?

So who should play? Nicky or Bridge? With Carle injured it's not a problem but there isn't place for both in this team is there?

Scott Jamison has been poor, unable to find any attacking form leaving Sydney impotent. He's like the young mans Dean Heffernan. Both used to attack with pace and flair but the Heff is 30!

Sydney were much improved yesterday and now have the Fury on Wednesday.

After that it's Adelaide United at home again.

If they don't beat the Fury the Champions are gone, if they aren't already.

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