Saturday, 23 October 2010

Aussie Media: the big gripe

Richard Hinds has written a fairly innocuous piece on why football hasn't taken over the whole of Australia.

No probs. In fact it's one of the more sensible analysis coming from the scribes who usually berate the game of football or look at it from afar...usually from an AFL Club Headquarters or the like.

He claims it should be an exciting time for Aussie football well Dicky it is. Take Young Socceroos, Matildas, Nathan Tinkler, Adelaide United, Melbourne Derby, the quality of the A-League, the Asian Cup announcement, the World Cup bid...what more do you want?

In Australia we've never had such a combination of promise and enjoyment coming and coming. Did you see how talented our Young Socceroos are - matches the best in any code, but have you written anything about this group - do you even know what it means, this potential?

My gripe is that these articles are always the same:

Written by Sports writers they always take the same veiled, or overt analysis or angle of the game, the crowds, the mention over and over of the great other Aussie games.

But never does Hinds, Masters, Gatt, Bermingham, Kent, Wilson and co and co ever actually write anything about football - analysis of players, clubs, the fans, the football.

But how many more wonderful "analysis" pieces that criticise and criticise the game do we need.'ve done it all before and before. But do you know ANYTHING about the game of football? Ask your kids...they do!

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