Saturday, 2 October 2010

Canberra dudded by the FFA again?

Chips anyone?

Last season Central Coast Mariners brought their pedestrian A-League team down to Canberra for two home games; against Perth Glory and bottom placed Adelaide United.

With the FFA dudding Canberra's A-League bid just days before the games, (great marketing from the FFA) fans were furious with the games although over 5,000 still attended the games - what many A-League clubs wouldn't give for that crowd now - and it will be interesting to see what crowd the Mariners get when they play their next "home" game in Sydney at the SFS.

But would they bring games back to Canberra this year?

No! So once again the "football experiment" ends before it began.

Hopeless on many counts.

But now the Mariners have a football team worthy of the name we'd actually like to see them in Canberra;

and come to think of it Perth with Robbie Fowler and co, and Adelaide with boy wonder Matthew Leckie and Marcos Flores - yes we'll take these games this time and we'd probably pull in 10,000 this time - or more than the usual Mariners home gate!

But no this city has been dudded again, the FFA once again fluffed their lines.

Where is the plan to build professional football in the Canberra region - you'd have to wonder wouldn't you.

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