Sunday, 31 October 2010

Gory Glory - 0-5 and that's with God.

Football fans the world over are loyal and petty - forever.

So when this Celtic fan sees the once Gazza/Michael Laudrup workhorse, all bickering all kicking Glasgow Rangers hardman Iain Ferguson now Perth Glory Coach producing teams that play in his style, ie, no ball or grunt - although this Perth team doesn't even have that - a wry smile crosses my face.

But y o y o y o y o did Tony Sage and co, having invested millions, resort to Fergie.

Fergie promises lots of changes, and he has enough players bar a centre back or two to get this team going, a little better at least.

But really what is going on at Perth, from the Coach, a new Coach at that has there been a new idea come through. Bring back Dave Mitchell?

3-0 at home to the Leagues worst team, Sydney FC and another thrashing from the Mariners.

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